LCL Warehouse

The warehouse facility at the DP World Yarımca Container Terminal connects Far Eastern countries with Yarımca for LCL cargo operations. The warehouse, which was built to accommodate customer demands, has a 4,000-square meter indoor area, of which 3,000-square meter consists of 2-tier shelves while the remaining area has been designed without shelves allowing for storing large-size cargoes. Having the largest LCL warehouse in İzmit, DP World Yarımca offers weekly LCL service from Far Eastern ports to some of the leading forwarders. An LCL cargo loaded on an MSC or Maersk Tiger/AE-15 service vessel at the Shanghai Port arrives at DP World Yarımca, which is the first port of call for this service in Turkish waters, in only 24 days. In other words, your products reach DP World Yarımca 7-15 days faster compared to the other ports which offer LCL service in the Marmara Region. Products stored in the LCL warehouse are monitored 24/7 via a CCTV system. Instant product information requests and deliveries, inspection requests and payment processes can be carried out through a single e-mail address. Furthermore, the warehouse offers services such as palletizing, product sorting, weighing and inspection.


Open CFS 

Our terminal has a 7,000-square meter open CFS area with a capacity of 70,000 TEU while there is also an indoor CFS for all kinds of LCL/FCL operations. With a storage area of 4,000-square meters, the indoor CFS is especially ideal for storing products, which must be protected against weather conditions, such as food.




Project Cargo

As Turkey’s fastest and most hi-tech port, we handle your project cargoes, which require special, non-standard handling criteria, with utmost care thanks to our outstanding technological infrastructure and expert teams. As part of these operations, machine parts, transformers, excavators, pipes, yachts etc. of various sizes can be loaded on or unloaded from container vessels or open cargo vessels with the help of special equipment. We also offer storage service for project cargoes at our terminal.  

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General Cargo

General cargo loading and unloading services cover bagged, big-bagged, sacked, palletized, caged, boxed and barreled cargo.

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