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Warehouse Tariff

DP WORLD Yarımca Terminal

Indoor CFS Tariff- 2018






Cargo Handling Charge (Palletized)


USD x Pallet


Cargo Handling Charge (Bulk)


USD x Ton


Cargo Handling Charge (Heavy Cargo)


USD x Piece




USD x Ton x Day


Storage (Car)


USD x Day




USD x Ton


Labour (Cargo handling, inspection, weighing, x-ray)


USD x Person


Warehouse Transferring


USD x Ton




USD x Pallet or Ton


Palletizing Service


USD x Pallet


Recording and Registration


USD x Declaration


Truck / Trailer stripping


USD x Unit


Pallets for sale


USD x Unit


Lashing materials

Price on Application

USD x Per Transaction

  Full Inspection 60+VAT USD x Person
  IMDG   %20 USD x Per Transaction





  • Recording and Registration fee is taken as advance payment while warehouse reservation and it is non-refunded.
  • ‘’Cargo Delay’’ is limited to 30min after warehouse reservation. In case of exceeding the 30min, customers are obligated to create a new recording and registration.
  • Extra transferring service is invoiced for the inspections in the warehouse.
  • Over 4 ton, one piece of commodity will be considered as heavy cargo.
  • Less than 1 ton cargo is considered as 1 ton and while invoicing.
  • DP World Yarımca reserves the right to change tariffs, without seeking any written consent from any party, and/or without providing advance notification to any party
  • For warehouse reservations, please contact
  • DP World Yarimca Warehouse Code is G41000002/G0002
  • Warehouse is available from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:30.



                This tariff is valid until 31st. of December, 2018


Account Information:

E-mail: ;

  • US Dollars selling rate of the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic (TCMB) is based in invoicing
  • The amount of invoice will be paid in cash or below mentioned
  • DP WORLD Yarımca Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş Bank account before gate out which bank receipt will be required
  • Bank: İş Bankası

Branch Bank: Zincirlikuyu Ticari – 1393

USD IBAN    : TR820006400000213930031613

TL    IBAN    : TR050006400000113930030482 

  • Bank: Garanti Bankası

Branch Bank: Maslak Bulvarı Ticari – 448

IBAN (USD):  TR780006200044800009075501

TL    IBAN    : TR280006200044800006280473


You can also download the tariff in PDF format: