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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DP World Yarımca UN Location Code?

UN Location code: TRYAR

What is DP World Yarımca Warehouse Code?

Customs Area Code: G41000002/G0002

What is Storage Service?

Storage (Import-Export-Reefer-Transit-IMCO-Empty-OOG-Yatch)

Sheltering service of the containers located on places which are under the control and the supervision of the terminal operator.

What is THC (Terminal Handling Charge)?

Terminal Handling Charge is the general expression of the cost for all kind of services such as transferring, carrying, loading/unloading, laying, stacking/shifting etc. in the port area or off-dock terminal.

What is CFS (Container Freight Station)?

The area where the cargo inside the container is stripped, stuffed, inspected or subjected to other operations requested by interested parties or applicable rules or governmental authorities.

What is Sheltered Warehouse?

Sheltered warehouse is a storage area that sheltered by top and sides for the purpose of protecting goods from bad weather and environmental condition