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Safety Training for Customs Agencies by DP World Yarımca

09 February 2018

The members of Kocaeli Customs Association were provided with Occupational Safety Training at the port by the Health & Safety and Environmental Experts of DP World Yarımca.  

Applying the sustainability strategies on each and every stage of the operations, DP World Yarımca mounted the campaign “Occupational Health, Safety and Environment” in order to provide training for the station users and personnel. A training program was regulated for the members of Kocaeli Customs Association on the first stage of “Occupational Health, Safety and Environment campaign”. A presentation was made, thus giving informative directions, on which the circumstances that pose risk with regards to the container stations, including the points and life-saving rules to take into consideration, were provided on the training provided for the job-tracking customs agencies within the station in line with the core values of DP World ports. On the training instructed by İsmail Karaçam, as the Health, Safety and Environment Manager of DP World Yarımca, under the title “Fatal Risk Standards” and which took about one hour, the risk-posing circumstances with regards to the container stations all around the World, including the points and life-saving rules to take into consideration, and the law no. 6331 and the respective regulations were reminded. During the training, Karaçam stated that “Our objective is to expand the awareness of each and every employee of us, as well as those visiting the site.”

Refik Bora, as the president of Kocaeli Customs Association pointed out we consider that it is a gesture of respect that DP World Yarımca, which shows its corporate structure and the importance it places on service quality at every turn although it has just started to provide services in our region, is hosting the HSE training for the employees of companies operating in the field of customs consultancy. For this reason, I, as a part of this business field, would like to thank all of the managers who provide us this opportunity .

After the training was completed, Refik Bora, presented a “plaque” to İsmail Karaçam – Health, Safety and Environment Manager of DP World Yarımca -, and the participants were awarded with the certificates.

DP World Yarımca, providing services as a container station in Marmara Region, commits itself to be the leader for expanding the awareness on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment within both regional and nation-wide ports.

05 February 2018