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NAMJIN MOON, SAMSUNG SDS CEO: “ Real-time notifications gain the upper hand for us in partial shipment. ”

12 February 2018



 Namjin Moon, Samsung SDS CEO




We would like a short bio if possible about yourself. How was the process for you to come İstanbul as a Samsung SDS CEO?

I worked in DP World Busan container terminal for 5 years, and started working in Samsung SDS in 2010. In 2013, I visited Istanbul for a few times. We started the process of incorporating our company in Turkey on the same year. It took about two years for us to actualize our company, plus two more years for obtaining the licenses required for logistics.


What can you say about the business life in Turkey?

First of all, I would like to point out that Turkish people are incredibly polite and hardworking. Before I came to Turkey, I worked in the area of logistics in China, Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. In these countries, I sometimes felt the pressure as facing the business challenges in these countries. But in Turkey, everything is quite explicit and positive, people work a lot to reach the goals. So I’m really happy to be working in Istanbul.


What do you think about Turkish people?

Turkish people resemble to Koreans in many aspects with regards to personality. They are very sentimental. I like Turkish personality a lot due to this similarity. Turkey is a quite dignified country. As you know, Turkish soldiers came to help to Koreans during the war. I also heard that recently a movie named “Ayla”, about this war.


It is of vital importance for us to have real-time information on every stage of the process.

Which ports does your company do business with?

DP World Yarımca. We gather and have a meeting with the shipping companies twice a year, receive their offers and then select one of these offers.


What is the most important aspect of a port from your point of view? Which ports in Turkey have these aspects?

DP World has a real-time system for each stage of the load transportation. Each stage goes through a micro- management process in itself. Arrival of the ship, unloading the load, taking the load to the storage, loading it to the truck... It is of vital importance for us to have real-time information on every stage of the process.

The duration of the truck’s navigation is one of the most important points in our business. The trucks should not waste time on our doorstep. Thanks to your system, the trucks return much faster.

And yes, sometimes certain products are shipped with the “urgent” code on the container. It is very important to load them within the shortest period of time, to clear through customs and to transport them to our warehouse in Gebze. Additionally, we have urgent shipping on the last week of every month. Your port is quite impressive with regards to speed.


How good does DP World Yarımca fulfill your expectations?

It is quite important for us to received real-time information. So I’m very pleased to be doing business with DP World Yarımca.

Samsung SDS shares the logistics details globally with the World. Effective operation in a port or shipping is of vital importance to us. It would be a challenge for us, where we cannot receive our goods due to a failure or similar reasons. The micro-management of customs procedures, the gate statuses are all highly important for us.


Tell me about your other experiences in Turkey.

Turkey is a lovely country. I try to visit other parts of the country and experience them, whenever I get the chance. Last year, I visited Ölüdeniz with my family, and I tried paragliding there. To the best of my belief, Ölüdeniz is one of the top three areas to perform this activity. I’ve also been to Antalya. It is quite lovely, as well. Last summer, I was in Bodrum, which is a beautiful place to see. I plan to visit Cappadocia next year.