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Terminal facility

Capacity 1.3 Million TEU
Quay Length 922 metres
Berth 1  457 metres
Berth 2 465 metres
Terminal Area 460,000 sq. m
Maximum Draft 15,5 metres
Equipment Park

6 STSs, 18 E-RTGs, 54 TT

Super post pananmax STS gantry cranes

Latest technology 22.000+ TEU container vessels will able to be handled with the STS cranes equipped with remote control system.

These super post panamax STS cranes, which will be a part of DP World Yarımca's innovative approach to be used for creating supply chain efficiencies, will be able to be controlled from a remote control centre with the monitors and joysticks from a 1.5 kilometre distance, as being rare in the world and a first in Turkey.


Environment friendly electric operated Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (e-RTGs) which generates zero carbon emission will also be used in our terminal.

VAS ( Vehicle Appointment System)

VAS, the first online booking system in Turkey will facilitate fast truck turnaround times. With VAS, total system costs, like work load, paper work and especially truck waiting costs, will be drastically reduced and will increase customer satisfaction. In addition to the reduction of external truck idling time, it is an element of an overall strategy to reduce vehicle emissions. 

In order to make VAS more efficient, inside of DP World Yarımca Container Terminal there are slots for external trucks to provide better supply chain solutions for the stakeholders. During gate operations to prevent traffic out of the terminal, this area has been dedicated and it is the largest parking area in the container terminals of Turkey.

Gate automation & OCR 

DP World Yarımca Terminal is bringing innovation with its Gate Automation and Optical Character Recognition Systems which will provide fast gate transactions for all trucks. The Gate Automation System will help the terminal by increasing gate efficiency, productivity and safety. The system combines hardware tools, such as OCR camera systems and robust self-service kiosks, with state-of-the-art software and services. The system provides strong process automation solutionsto help the terminal accelerate gate activity, minimize processing time, and maximize overall productivity and profitability.

DP World Yarımca will be the first terminal in Turkey that will implement RTLS (Real Time Location System) which will enable tracking and tracing of both external trucks and internal assets  inside the terminal the terminal in real time environment from a control room. The system will provide; monitoring of external trucks from in gate to container stacks for safety purposes, handing over the correct job order to truck by RTG in an automated way and monitoring it back to out gate again for safety purposes. It will also provide real time location of internal assets which will enable effective and fast allocation of those assets for most optimized yard and vessel operations. System has also capability to give the real time location of staff insidethe terminal in order to minimize safety risks.

CFS (Container Freight Station)

Indoor warehouse and open CFS area 

Open CFS yard is 7.000 Sq. m with a 70.000 TEUs instant capacity. In addition to open CFS area, indoor CFS is available to respond to service demand for both LCL/FCL business for any kind of commodity including food stuff during even adverse weather conditions. The warehouse has 4000 sqm covered storage area.